It’s my life…

Sarah was born in 1995 and is currently working as a project manager in Hamburg.

Already as a kid she dreamed about performing on big stages. As most kids in her generation she learned how to play recorder in primary school and sang in a children church choir.

Growing up in the generation „Singstar“, she got used to singing in front of friends and family.

In 2009 she won the regional „Musical Fieber Casting“, whose prize it was to sing a musical song in front of a big audience.

While Sarah had some classical vocal lessons after her first performance, she decided in summer 2010 to teach herself to play guitar. In December 2014 she started to teach herself to play the piano. Besides singing and playing guitar and piano, she’s also sometimes playing e-bass or cajon at gigs. Like many great musicians, she can’t read „real“ notes and is just playing with the help of chords and her own feeling and hearing.

Sarah has been working in the duo „Sajul“ since 2011, taking over the management, songwriting, web & graphic design and playing with her sister Julia more than 150 performances in Germany.

As a pupil in Bad Mergentheim, she was active in the band „Evil Cupcakes“ which, however, broke up after the members started going to different universities. She gained experiences on stage with the three tough guys, as well as in the recording studio, where they recorded a CD in 2013.

During her bachelor studies in Ansbach, she founded the band „440 Hertz„, which broke up after a few semesters. 2019 she finished her master’s degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

2016 Sajul released their debut album „Our Way“ with 13 songs, composed by Sarah.

Sarah’s biggest idols are P!nk, Adele, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson.